Leoste Culinary Arts Academy, an Internationally Accredited Chef School, run under the leadership of Master Chef Leonard Moyo, President of the Zimbabwe Chefs Association, is one of Zimbabwe’s leading Chef Training Providers specialising in modular, outcomes based training and development.

Registered through an internationally recognised awarding body, City and Guilds of London. LCAA will train and produce many of the country’s most talented Chefs.

Leoste Culinary Arts Academy has been established to provide Culinary students, from school leavers to corporates, with a fundamental grounding in all disciplines relating to the production of top quality cuisine and the ability to manage a kitchen. The school offers unparalleled opportunities to acquire both theoretical knowledge and carefully monitored practical training in their state-of-the-art facilities.

Leoste Culinary Arts Academy (LCAA) is a new culinary arts training academy run by a professionally trained Master Chef in Zimbabwe, who is the current president of the Zimbabwe Chefs Association (ZCA). Leonard Moyo and his wife Stella founded this Academy in 2020 with the thrust of providing solutions to the cooking world as well as to build a culinary arts skilled community and to serve a future in the hospitality industry.

LCAA’s main mandate is to develop skills, hope and opportunity to individuals through cooking and eating healthy food for a sustainable environment. The latter is only achievable by building a state of art kitchen and meet the world culinary standards in order to unlock the culinary industry and the hospitality industry at large.


To be the leading culinary arts academy in the region by providing opportunities and skills to individuals through professional cooking.


Leoste culinary arts academy empowers students to achieve their potential in the culinary and pastry through affordable, accessible and socially minded quality instruction in the techniques developed by king of Chefs, Leonard Moyo. Through the latest technology and innovation students are taught a well-balanced curriculum of culinary skills and methodology as well as a foundation in business. This learning is further enhanced with a focus on understanding and implementing a sustainable practises in the industry. Graduates enter their careers with social awareness, practical skills and knowledge and humility that foster career success.

Let us focus on bringing the best school to the chefs.

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. We look forward to welcoming you to Leoste Culinary Arts Academy and providing you with a strong platform to reach your full culinary potential. Visit any of our campuses to sample a taste of what LCAA has to offer.


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